VALE Digital Delivery Video Offerings, 2012-2013

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VALE’s Digital Media Committee is pleased to provide an expanded list of vendors/distributors from whom VALE members can license or purchase streaming video content in 2012-2013. Offers from 21 participating vendors are listed below.  Please visit the vendor websites for information about the actual titles available.

Please note that NJEdge.Net is ingesting the content as it becomes available and streaming it through NJVID.

For more information about these proposals, contact Jane Hutchison at

For more information about NJVID, contact Sujay Daniel at

Vale Digital Video Delivery Offerings 2012-2013.pdf343.02 KB
2012-2013 Digital Video Response Form.pdf13.1 KB
Alexander Street.pdf870.29 KB
Ambrose.pdf239.13 KB
Bullfrog films.pdf11.32 KB
California Newsreel.pdf246.2 KB
Chip Taylor Communications.pdf71.62 KB
CineFete.pdf264.7 KB
CinemaGuild.pdf160.73 KB
Fanlight.pdf96.06 KB
FMG.pdf74.19 KB
Icarus.pdf200.01 KB
Insight Media.pdf189.76 KB
Intelecom.pdf118.87 KB
Landmark .pdf132.47 KB
Media Education Foundation.pdf167.73 KB
National Film Board of Canada.pdf245.38 KB
PBS.pdf152.26 KB
ro_co.pdf106 KB
SWANK.pdf519.75 KB
VEA.pdf667.34 KB
Women Make Movies.pdf188.24 KB